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Today is a super lazy day for me, it’s the the afternoon and I am still in my pj’s, wrapped in blankets, watching Netflix…like a bum. While I was watching movies the idea came into my head to do a post on iconic movie looks. On top of comedy and fashion, I loooove movies, so hopefully some of you faithful followers out there who love movies too will agree with the looks I have chosen.

Now listen, there are hundreds of choices I wish I could put here but these are just five of the looks that I really like.


Olivia Newton-John in Grease

Oh, you know what look I am talking about. The carnival scene… Danny walking around in that Letterman jacket, trying to be a good little boy for Sandy. The crowd parts and everyone is in aw when she struts up in a leather jacket, skin-tight shirt, form fitting leggings, those red heels and red lips to match. All this time that goody two-shoes was hiding a vixen under her little cardigan and hoop skirt! Tell me more, tell me more Olivia, like where did you get those great legs!


Judy Garland in the Wizard of Oz

Yea, I know that the whole pigtails and blue dress was a big deal and every year thousands of girls can thank Judy for their slutty interpretation of her look, but what I talking about are those trademark red heels. The shimmering red adds a dramatic pop to her outfit and helps her make new friends, meet a wizard, defeat an evil (and horribly dressed) witch and gets her all the way back home. See, even a little farm girl from Kansas know that with the right shoes, you can do anything your little heart desires!


Rooney Mara in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Sexy does not always have to be your typical big boobs, small waist, flowing hair stereotype. Rooney’s bad ass look in Dragon Tattoo is sexy in its own right because she looks so fierce, strong-willed, and independent. She does not care who you are or what you think. Plus, in the movie, the girl was a genius and the next best thing to good looks is book smarts. See, this a true rebel, not those half-shaved wanna-be’s

Plus, kudos to Rooney for actually getting all of those piercings, and chopping off her hair. The girl actually looks like this:

Crazy, right!!?

Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Who has not seen this look?? If you haven’t you seriously must be living under a rock. First of all, everything that Audrey ever wore was perfect, that woman had mad taste. However, this look tops the cake. Her hair styled into a slick up-do, a beautiful black dress, and a chunky but gorgeous jewelry to pull it all together. If this is does not utterly scream sophistication, I really have no idea what does.


Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch

If it’s not a little black dress, why not a little white one? Marilyn killed it in this little number and wowed audiences everywhere in this scene where her already beautiful dress blows up from below and she innocently tries to keep it down. Too late Marilyn, you made yourself an icon for pretty much all of time. This movie is about a man who lives in an apartment and while his wife and child go away for a little vacation, he is left alone with the absolutely breath-taking Marilyn who lives right above him. The man spends a whooole bunch of time fantasizing about her and I mean…who wouldn’t, look at her!

What do you think? Comment and tell me about the looks you wish were on here.

ooxx Ashley