Weird Make Up Trends

Good day friends!

Today’s topic: weird, awkward or just plain ugly makeup trends. Thank God I don’t actually see too many makeup mishaps around me, but to make sure that they don’t happen we have to keep reminding each other what looks good, and what needs to go!

Frosted tips

This is not really a makeup trend, it’s a hair thing. Also don’t get it confused with ombre hair because I think that ombre hair can be freaking amazing. However, this is on today’s list because I had the misfortune if seeing frosted tips on a young man on my campus about 2 weeks ago and it made me want to cry. What, were you looking for the I miss the 90’s convention and you got lost? Please go find a salon and fix it now, and fire the person who did that to you in the first place!

Pencil-thin eyebrows

Some people, like both of my roommates, have perfect eyebrows that need very little or no attention and they look amazing. I on the other hand, was… “blessed” with my father’s bushy eyebrows so I am always on top of my game, tweezing when I can to make sure that they are under control. Sooome people however, take their eyebrow upkeep to another level and pluck just about every hair away until they have about 5 hairs left or they have to just draw some on. What is the point of plunking all of your eyebrows away if you are going to draw them right back on? Tell me dat!?

Too thick eyebrows

On the other side of the spectrum there are some people who go out of their way to make sure that you can see their eyebrows coming from a mile away. I really don’t understand that one, it kind of creeps me out more that over plucking does…

Mismatched lip-liner

This one makes me think that the person committing this…atrocity thinks that people do not know where on the face someone’s lips should be. Like “Hey, just so you know…my lips are right here…right here where I outlined them…in black.” Ew.

Bronzer crazy

Yea, there are tons of people out there who want to be tan. For most people a few hours in the sun will get them the color that they want, but others resort to a bronzer to do the job. Bronzers are perfectly fine and can actually do wonders to get the last minute golden look that you want, but sometimes people get a little bronzer happy and end up looking like an orange or brown crayon. Stop…put the bronzer down…and just walk away…

ooxx Ashley