CEO of A&F “Apologizes”


PFF peeps,

As you may of already heard, a video about a man trying to change the face of Abercrombie and Fitch has gone viral and has gotten millions of views since it’s release a couple of days ago. If you have not seen it yet, go ahead and click here.

If you don’t watch it, you totally should though, it is about a guy who has made it his mission to name A&F the clothes brand of the homeless by getting all of the the A&F clothes that he can find and giving it away to homeless people.

“But, why?” you may ask.

Well, in 2006 this man… and I use the word man loosely, he looks more like a melted deep sea fish, A&F CEO Mike Jeffries said that he does not want “fat or “not so cool” kids wearing his company’s clothes. He blatantly said that Abercrombie is “absolutely” “exclusionary” and only “want[s] to market to cool, good-looking people.”

Well for starters, how about we take a look a look at the man who thinks “ugly” people should not be wearing his clothes:

Looks like he is having trouble aging gracefully…or even aging like a human.

Well, since the video has gone viral, Jeffries decided to come out and release an apology to all the people he may have offended:

“I want to address some of my comments that have been circulating from a 2006 interview. While I believe this 7 year old, resurrected quote has been taken out of context, I sincerely regret that my choice of words was interpreted in a manner that has caused offense. A&F is an aspirational brand that, like most specialty apparel brands, targets its marketing at a particular segment of customers. However, we care about the broader communities in which we operate and are strongly committed to diversity and inclusion. We hire good people who share these values. We are completely opposed to any discrimination, bullying, derogatory characterizations or other anti-social behavior based on race, gender, body type or other individual characteristics.”

I find it incredible that he is making this totally sincere and genuine apology now…since you know, he made these comments in 2006! That man does not give a damn about making amends and righting his wrongs, he just wants to sell his overpriced, overrated clothes! And I bet you he still does not want to sell them to “fat” or “uncool” people.

Obviously other people are not buying into his apology either, with comments on Facebook and Twitter including comments like:

“Bad press = Apology. Idiot.”


“Your CEO is an idiot.”

Jeffries says that his comments have been taken out of context. However, I am not sure how being an outrageous, idiotic jerk can be taken out of context.

What do you think?

ooxx Ashley