Men’s Fashion

 If you wanna turn us on as much as this man…Image

As promised, gentlemen, here is part two of the exciting episodes of exceptional accessorizing. I’m here till Thursday… Tips are definitely appreciated.

Ashley and I went to a bunch of thrift stores around Gainesville today and found some supa cute stuff for all the fellas out there. Also, if you need any extra tips on how to dress fashionably for a man, check out Ashley’s latest article about how we personally dressed up one of our friends last night for bar hopping night.

As you can see, thrift shops have very good buys, such as name brands, that you would usually scour the mall for. Banana Republic is a super expensive store and the plaid shirt shown here would’ve been at least $60 in store, we got it for $3.00… I kid you not. Also, the Calvin Klein shirt shown here was only $4.00 and on the Calvin Klein website, it would have been at least $40.00. Who wants to spend that kind of money when you have cool ass behind the scenes tips from Leslie and Ashley? Not a soul.

And for you business professional men out there, (oh god…), we also saw some seriously sharp suits and ties

Yes, guys can accessorize as well and look hella fly.

Locations of dis cute stuff:

  1. Business Outfits: Family Treasures
  2. Button Downs: Haven Hospice

❤ Your PFF