Men’s Fashion

Thank you, Lonely Island for that wonderfully inappropriate title. If you aren’t familiar with this reference, WATCH IT, but with discretion and an open mind. Lol.

As promised, I am gonna write directly to all of the fine gentlemen out there who want to look super fly for cheap, and for all of you girls out there, lemme know if you agree with what is said. If you have a soul, you will.

The fashion industry is considerably catered mostly to women, but I know for a fact that whenever I encounter a man that is well put-together in his appearance, I literally lose what I want to say, and I have a feeling all my ladies out there would definitely agree. When I see a guy dressed to impress, I am automatically attracted to him over any others because the aura that man presents physically draws me to him. Guys that are passionate about fashion (like the sexy Ryan Lochte) are ultimately better contenders in the fight for my heart, every single time. So guys, if you wanna make a woman buckle at the knees, lose her breath and want you for longer than a few hours, read carefully. 😉

Obviously this blog is about looking your best for less, so I actually decided to split this article into two parts. This first one will be focused on cheap online shopping for guys and the second part will come later on that will be a post about Ashley and I heading to thrift stores around the Ville focusing on the men’s section.

First stop: Casual

These looks to the left  and right can be used for multiple different things, casual date nights, beach days, going to the movies, etc. but it definitely gives off the vibe that even though you’re sporting the casual, you know how to do it in just the right way. Just make sure you wear the appropriate one to the appropriate places. =)

Next Stop: Out On Da Town

These looks are great for going out on Friday nights with your boys to pick up ladies (trust me, they’ll flock if you’re in this..) or taking your one and only lady out on a proper date. This is also acceptable for events, such as banquets, press releases, or anything else that you may have going on in your super awesome life.


Last stop: Business Casual

These looks are for you professional men out there. You know who you are, you sexy boys. Ask any girl their fantasies… One of them will be with a man in a suit on top of his desk at work. There’s something about success that just draws us to you, and if you dress like you’re going somewhere in life, we’ll be hoping you’re gonna take us with you.

These pieces were found at these two places online if you’re interested in diving more into it:

  1. Red and Black Striped Hoodie and Dark Jeans
  2. Black and White Suit; Grey Button Down; Casual Gear

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You guysssssss….Rock.

❤ Your PFF