Freaky Facials

Hello hello hello!!!

In the name of beauty many people have done many really really weird things. In particular, one of the features that people try to keep up with is their skin. Everyone wants soft, smooth, glowing skin…especially soft, smooth, glowing faces. It is because of this that many people try face masks, face treatments and facials to try to cleanse their faces. Some of these treatments include things that seem normal or smell good like cucumber, apricot, lavender…you know, something nice.

However, there are also some…peculiar treatments that some people swear by, and I just would not be myself if I did not have something to say about them.

Egg yolk

It is supposed to leave your skin feeling super fresh. But all I think of is that nasty raw egg smell on my face for the entire rest of the day. Ew! Besides that, if you are going to spend your time putting eggs yolk on your face, you might as well add some peppers, onions and cheese and make a damn omelet or something.

Bird poop

Believe it or not, there are actually spas out there that do bird poop facials. The cream is made up of nightingale droppings and it is supposed to lighten up your complexion and give you a refreshed look. The fact still stands that you are smearing bird poop on your face. Of all things…you chose poop.

Earth worm poop

Again with the poop?? Evidently, earth worm poop cream helps smooth out wrinkles and can even treat psoriasis and eczema. I don’t know about you, but I have a  hard time believing that bodily, er, wormly waste is good for your face…

Prepration H

I have actually heard from a ton of anchors and newscasters that this really really does help with puffiness around the eyes, but the thought that you are putting ass cream on your face is just hilarious. It’s for your itchy butt…and…you are putting it on your face.. HAHA!!

So, the themes seem to be that stuff for or from a butt is good for you. Thanks, but no thanks, I would much rather use good old-fashioned soap and water!

ooxx Ashley