Name Brand Make-Up; Drug Store Prices Part 3

Hey guys,

I know it’s been a while since I personally posted something and I am very sorry. I have been… preoccupied… to say the least, but I’m back! And better than ever. So, now that I have had time to pull myself together, it’s time to focus on you. Giving the people what they want.

I love going out for girls nights or dates or whatever and looking awesome doing it. Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll attest to the fact that I love experimenting with different kinds of colors of eye shadows and lip sticks. I’m gonna finish up the little trilogy on how to use your money wisely when it comes to cosmetics, cuz let’s be real, which college girl really has the money to go out and spend their biggest amount of a budget on face products? Nobody.

To begin… EYE SHADOW 🙂

 When I was 18, my awesome aunt bought me this kick ass 120-color eyeshadow palette from MAC that, online, costs over $200. It’s amazing, I’ll give it to you, but I could never push myself to spend that much money on eyeshadow that I’ll use here and there throughout the month. Instead, I found a really great selection of cheap, but resourceful eye shadows for those of you who enjoy looking great for less.

If you’re more into neutral colors, E.L.F.’s Warm Eyeshadow Palette is only $5.00 at Target!

And for you adventurous ladies out there, E.L.F. also offers a 100 piece palette with any color you could imagine called eyeslipsface and only costs $10.00.

Moving on to MASCARA!

I have found multiple mascaras that I am absolutely in love with. There is no reason whatsoever to spend a ton of money on mascara (even though I believe it is a necessity!) because I am gonna give you some examples of REALLY cheap ones.

Rimmel London Lycra Lash Extender Mascara – $7.29

L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Original Mascara – $7.49

 Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara – $15.00

Hope this was helpful to some of you beauty fanatics out there. Be on the look out next for a post about how to handle the dreaded B word healthily. Break-Ups.

❤ Your PFF