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Yesterday, I talked on the phone with my aunt for over an hour about why she wasn’t dropping weight that she had been working so hard to lose for over a month. On top of loving fashion, I’m also a fitness guru and huge health nut, so I proceeded to ask her exactly what she had been doing to get to her desired weight. She told me that she had been eating better than usual and trying to spend 20-30 minutes on an exercise bike 2-3 times a week. A common misconception in most people’s minds is that they can participate in short periods of cardiovascular training and reach their desired weight by only that. This post will be dedicated to helping each and everyone of you faithful followers that might be dealing with this same stress, or those of you who just really wanna have the rockin body you deserve for summer ’13.

The key to having an efficient and enriching work-out routine is to make it fun. Instead of just running around a track or doing the same old boring crunches, switch it up every single day. I personally used to spend all of my time at the gym running on a treadmill and then hitting the mats for some ab work outs. After weeks and weeks of doing this, I never saw any results. I pretty much just stayed the weight I was and sometimes even gained a little.I started doing some research and found that what I was doing was all wrong. In my research, I came across a type of training that was directed specifically to the results I was looking for, interval training. Training in intervals involves a session of a series of low to high-intensity exercise workouts that are interspersed with short resting periods. Interval training is used heavily in athletic training, but it is also super beneficial for anyone who is looking to regularly exercise and get their body lean and toned, because it helps improve exerciser’s aerobic capacity to push their body harder for longer periods of time at varying intensities. I started working at Gainesville Health and Fitness last summer and the way their weight room works is they have three different lines of interval training with like 7-8 machines each and you would have to go through each individual machine until you reached muscular failure (that doesn’t sound appealing, I know, but it’s the best way to get the results you’re looking for) and record your results from each. We were required to do this at least two times a week, and each time we went back to do it again, the weight would increase on each machine and the time we had to finish the entire workout would decrease. With this system and my own personal interval training, I experienced the biggest difference in the overall appearance of my body and I had finally reached the physique I had worked so hard to acheive the previous weeks.

Also, something that is very, very important for those of you looking to drop a few pounds and get leaner this summer, deals with what I talked about with my aunt earlier. Cardiovascular training, better known as aerobic exercise, refers to the use of oxygen to keep up with the demand for high spurts of energy.  During your routine cardio, you should be participating in light-to-moderate types of aerobic activity, such as biking, running, jogging, jump-roping, etc. In order to attain the certain weight that you desire, you should ultimately aim to work out 4-5 times a week. Now, I know, for most people, including myself, that seems like an impossible number, so I wanna help you guys get the most out of each workout no matter how many times a week you do it. Each and every one of your workouts should last approximately 45-90 min depending on what you decide to do that day. You should always, first and foremost, STRETCH. Warming up before each exercise is CRUCIAL for maximized results. (I’m gonna post some links at the bottom of this page that I personally use that are extremely helpful in the stretching process.) After you get a good stretch in for each of the muscles you want to target that day, you should then move on to the aerobic exercise I was speaking of. Now, the thing that my aunt was misinformed about was the importance of hard-core cardio for long amounts of time. Don’t get me wrong, cardio is SUPER important, but it should not take up the entire 45 or so minutes, because there is still so much to do after the aerobic part if you really wanna get those results. I personally get really bored with cardio, so I don’t run or bike, instead I do multiple different exercises that make your heart rate peak, then move on to the strength training (also known as anaerobic training). On the right and left hand side of this paragraph are some links to cool pinterest cardio routines. They’re so much more entertaining and enjoyable than just jogging while watching Oprah.

In my research and personal observations, I have also come to find that eating right is key. My ex boyfriend is a swimmer for UF and he kicks ass at it. He’s been training for the Olympics all of his life and I’m so blessed to be a part of his journey. He hard. I could never do even half of the things that he does on a daily basis. He swims/trains for at least 6 hours every single day. I say all of this to push the importance of eating right. Even though he pushes his body everyday to the brink of breakage, if he didn’t eat right, he wouldn’t be training right, hands down. All of the exercise he does would mean literally nothing if he ate whatever he wanted, and ladies, let’s be real, NONE of us are going to start exercising for 6 hours a day, so if even an incredibly dedicated athlete like my boyfriend has trouble staying lean, why do you think it would be easy for us?

I feel like there’s some sort of stigma attached to working out because so many people come up with excuses not to do it, try and stay away from the excuses and get in the game. I promise you, if you apply these things that I have talked about within this article, you will see results faster than you ever thought you could. In short, find out exactly what is appropriate for your body (Portions, Caloric Intake, Muscular Failure) and run with it. Eat right, make sure each of your workout sessions intertwine the use of aerobic and anaerobic training along with warm up and cool down times, and have fun with it guys. If you enjoy something, you’ll be more inclined to continue it and you’ll start realizing you’d rather be sore than sorry the next day.

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