Rain Boots, Oh My



For those of you who are in Florida right now, you know that it is raining really badly (Damn you Tropical Storm Andrea!) and I for one, hate rain.

The humid air makes my hair frizz and I end up looking like a lion, and the mistiness makes my makeup splotch up and look like I have been sweating or something and it is all just really gross. I figured though, that it would be the opportune time to talk about rain wear!

Let’s take a minute to go over some umbrellas!

Who needs to make sure that their head and clothes are dry when your poor shoes have no direct protection from the rain? Obviously, you getting pneumonia from wind and rain is not nearly as important as you making sure that your shoes are 100% dry and protected from the mean, mean rain.

Or maybe you are this woman and you are like…allergic to the rain and every, single, last inch of you needs to be covered from the rain. Is she going to explode or something if so much as one drop touches her? Where do you even by an umbrella like that? Does this umbrella come with windshield wipers?? So many questions.

Let’s move on to boots!

What is it starts raining really badly, so badly that it is flooding and you have no boat or canoe nearby? No problem! These shoes will help you glide through the water like a duck! Move out of the way little mermaid, here I come!

This was just super cute and I had to add it. Look at him!! Awww…

And then there are rain ponchos…

Now, I would diss them because I think that they are so ugly… like this big plastic wrapping over you like you are a kitchen leftover or something, but then I look at Clint Eastwood in his poncho and I just.. he is sexy.

If you are in a rainy place like I am, stay warm and dry, it’s a good time to have a cuddle sesh and watch some Netflix. If you are somewhere nice and dry…lucky you…

ooxx Ashley