Have a Good Monday

           Ladies and Gents, I hope you’re having a decent Monday. Yeah, I know, sometimes it’s impossible cuz Monday’s usually suck to say the least. My Monday has been… interesting… so far. I set my phone alarm for 7:45 a.m. so I could wake up in time to get ready for work this morning. For some reason, however, the alarm just never went off. Thankfully, my roommate woke up randomly at 8:40 and was like, “Leslie.. don’t you work at nine?…” Yeah… thanks. -__-

          I ended up jumping out of my skin and got to work like ten minutes late. On top of that, I’m an appointment setter, so my main job is literally just to take and make phone calls for four hours and today I had the most entertaining calls, in a bad wayy. So I feel your pain today if Monday just isn’t working in your favor so far. Hopefully this picture will help brighten your day. I know it did mine. =)

          With all that said, I’m gonna focus this afternoon on the sick outfit I wore to work this morning. Even though the work today itself kinda stressed me out, I still looked so put together, physically, that no one could even tell I was struggling. That’s always the key, make people think you’ve got your shit together. If you leave the house thinking you look pretty, you will exude such a confidence you didn’t know you had. You know when you spend like two hours getting ready on a Friday night to go out on the town with your friends? How do you feel? Stellar or what… So why wouldn’t you want to feel that way every day no matter where you are? Especially in a work environment.

Aren’t they just… to DIE for?!

          Here it is broseph. Starting with the bottom layer up, I put a tight plain white spaghetti strapped tank under a see-through mint colored cinched short sleeve top (to make it work appropriate). Those tops combined by themselves would have been totally fine considering the white tank made it no longer see-through, but, as always, I wanted to go above and beyond and make it my own. So, instead, I put a bright coral blazer on top of the two shirts and then, on the “cinched” part of the mint shirt, put on a tight-waist gold belt. I paired this entire finished “top” of the outfit with a pair of my favorite khaki capris and some really cute wedges that I found at…of course… the thrift store the other day. The colors blended so well and the wedge of the shoes actually incorporated all of the colors of the outfit shown on the right.

Obviously, like I’ve said multiple times before, I do not work all day long. I actually only work about four hours a day, so when I’m not working, there is no reason to wear heels. Wedges are always super comfy, but I did something really stupid with these today and accidentally broke the strap, so I looked like a dumb ass trying to walk around. Fun Fact of the Day: I used a stapler to staple the straps back together about four times in different angles, so it actually looked like a star pattern that the shoes came with. I’m so crafty.. Lol. Because of the strap mishap (Yes, you may call me Busta Rhymes) and because of the change of environment for me throughout the day, I decided to stick with this super cute outfit, but make it a lot more casual. I took the gold belt off so all that was left was the blazer, cinched top and tank, and capris. Then, to make the look even more relaxed, I put these shoes on instead:

Break Down:

  1. White Tank – Not Sure; Stole it from my roommate lol
  2. Mint See-Through Cinched Sleeveless Top – $12.00 – http://www.walmart.com
  3. Coral Blazer – $19.90 – http://www.bodycentral.com/products/cropped-ponte-knit-blazer/?keywords=blazer&nextIdx=4&prevIdx=2&maxIdx=10
  4. Khaki Capris – $14.90 – http://www.bodycentral.com/bottoms/capris/
  5. Colorful Wedges – $2.00 – https://www.chsfl.org/sslpage.aspx?pid=659
  6. Merona Gold Flats – $5.00 – http://www.platoscloset.com

         This outfit perfectly incorporates a touch of summer colors and modern fashion that is going to wow everyone you encounter. I paired this outfit with the same gold costume earrings I talked about the other day as well as a cute tan-colored medium sized bag for my computer and work folders.

Hope you enjoyed all these awesome colors and accessories.

Until next time!

❤ Your PFF