Ugly Shoes

Hey hey hey!

Fashion is always changing, trends come and go, and new fads appear all of the time. Sometimes these trends are actually not so bad and when they come back into style it is a good thing, but sometimes they are so damn hideous that they need to be hacked up, set on fire, and buried away forever. Ones of these trends is clogs.

They are clunky and gross and ugly and why in all of God’s name did anyone at all sit there and decide that it was ok to create these and sell them out in the world!?

There are so many other trends that were really not good ideas in the first place that I would much rather prefer coming back into style than clogs…

I don’t know.. like bowl cuts.

I do admit, if I saw someone in public like this that I would laugh right in their face. However, if I saw clugs on someone I would not even be able to laugh…I would just cry…

See… Javier Bardem had a bowl cut in No Country for Old Men and he was a bad ass.

Or overalls!

Yea, you look like a farmer or like the 90’s threw you up, but at least they were comfy. Clogs are wooden… ugly wooden shoes.

What about crimped hair?

I always thought crimped hair was super tacky, but I mean… it kinda…a little bit looks like curly hair and I love curly hair. So, yea?? Right????

I would hope that you would not really want to do any of these fads,  but hey, I would much rather see people walking around with crimped bowl cuts in overalls then see one pair of clogs ever again.

ooxx Ashley