Horrible Fashion Trends

Hello pretty babies,

This is Ashley, the co-creator of PFF and hurray, this is my first article on the blog!

Leslie has been giving you all tips and advice on where to find cute clothes and put together awesome outfit for muy cheap because believe it or not, it is possible to look good without emptying your bank account. However, most of my articles will be veered towards ridiculous trends and my sarcastic take on them. My first couple of posts are going to be a series of 5 fashion trends that need to just…just stop.

Let’s get started with one trend that is not new by any means, but I still see people sporting these bad boys to this day and every time I do, I want to cry.

Number 5: Crocs


Someone, anyone out there, please tell me why something that looks like this is acceptable to wear outside. I do not want to hear that they are oh so comfortable and they come in so many colors. STAAAAHP!  Muumuu’s are comfortable but you wouldn’t go out in those either, would you! Or at least I hope you wouldn’t…


When Crocs first came out people got them in every highlighter color that they could and paired them with just about every outfit. I don’t know why, but people thought that it was appropriate to go just about everywhere in these monstrosities. Then, to make matters worst, crocs starting coming up with stickers and accessories that made their ugliness even more noticeable. And then when you thought that things could not get any worse, Crocs came out with matching bags to go with your neon green plastic duck shoes.

You can’t even argue that this is for comfort now! That bag has absolutely not affect on how long you are standing on your feet or how sensitive your soles are. You are just making a mistake if you purchase something this hideous. I have no idea what happened to the world and black ceased to be what went with everything and plastic replaced it.


You want comfort and sensibility, do us all a favor and get your some insoles for your shoes. These are only $5!

No you don’t want insoles, then get some sneakers. Sneakers were made for people who are going to be on their feet for long periods of time anyways and they were around looong before Crocs decided to “grace” us with their presence.

If that idea does not appease you either, then just call me, I would rather personally carry you around all day then see you waste good money on Crocs.

Stayed tuned for the next post!

ooxx Ashley

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