Bathing Suits Gone Bad

It’s summa tyme, and the living is easy! That means relaxing, BBQ’s, lemonade all day, and beach trips galore. Hoooowever… some of these trips to the beach can be traumatic if you just so happen to spot someone at the beach who happens to be dressed in one of these get-ups.

This is just all kinds of no. The fit… the hair everywhere. It is all just a really bad time. However, this was just a part for the movie Borat and was supposed to make people squeal. This is not even anything near to how bad the other contenders on this list are.

I have seen a lot of intricate bathing suits. Sometime they really work…and sometimes they really, really don’t. If you can’t tell, this one does not work at all. Not even a little bit.

I have seen many cases of people trying to fit into something that does not quite it. This woman is really trying to be in those bottoms, but her bottom is refusing to corporate. It is sad hoe much her crack is trying to escape this muuuuch too small bathing suit.

Ok, at least he has a nice physique, but even that cannot make up for this ridiculous bathing suit. Why is this even a thing? What designer thought this was a good idea? Am I being Punked? All of these question that I have, and just no answers to justify this insanity. Tsk tsk tsk.

I can’t even.

This woman obviously thinks that she is Kim K or something, doing a photo shoot on the beach. Howeve, as an older woman this is not appropriate in any way, shape, or form. It is just weird…and scary. Mostly scary.

Not everyone guy has a a six-pack and not every girl has the body of a Victoria’s Secret model, but there is a a bathing that could fit everyone’s body type and make you look good as hell. Just please , spare us all and do not ever be caught looking like one of these people.

ooxx Ashley