Happy Memorial Day!!

Go out to the beach, the pool, a BBQ, see your friends and have the mostest most fun ever on a nice little day off but for those of you who don’t have the day off, I am so sorry… at last you have this article to read ;).

I am not the tallest girl in all the land, but I am 5’7 (the last time I checked was like a year ago and I am pretty sure that I am 5’8 by now) so I generally do not like to wear heels. I feel way to tall and I feel like it looks obnoxious when I stand next to my friends… we are all in heels and I am still 3 or 4 or even 6 inches taller then the rest of them because I was already so much taller than some of them to begin with.

However, one kind of heel that I absolutely love… are wedges. They are perfect, they are amazing, they are fantastic.

“Why?” you may ask. Oh…let me tell you.

They make heavier ankles look smaller.

Most wedges have straps that go around the ankles and that strap adds definition and makes your ankles look thinner. I am paranoid and hate my feet and ankles so anything to make them look better is awesome by me. Tell me, what girl doesn’t want dainty little ankles?? Hmmmm?? All of them want dainty little ankles, that’s who.

They are more stable then stilettos.

Some people are more comfortable walking in heels anyway so they can rock stilettos the same way that they can run around in flip flops, but, for those of you who do not feel as comfortable or if you just know that you are going to have a long night out and in the long run you want to be in a shoe that is more stable, wedges are the way to go.  Unlike a plain platform shoe, the platform of a wedge extends out over the entire sole of the shoe and allows you to plant your feet firmly on the ground.

They can be casual or formal.

Not only can wedges be worn to go out to a club, party, or some other formal nighttime event, but unlike many other heels, they can be easily be paired with a more causal outfit and it will make you look just that more chic. Wedges that come with a cork platform gives the  shoe a more relaxed look and you can easily pair with a sun dress, jeans, or shorts and head out for a fun day or afternoon outting to lunch, the movies or the mall.

If you have never really undertstood heels in general and just do not know where to start, here is a graphic that has just about every heel, and other kind of shoe, that you may need:

ooxx Ashley