Pimp Your Home

As you all know, I am a devout accessorizer when it comes to my closet, but I don’t stop there. I am a very creative individual, so I’ve recently started spoofing up things in my house as well.


I went to the dollar store the other day and purchased about twenty bucks worth of plain glasses and dishes and created an entire new collection of dishware.



  1. gather supplies from the dollar tree: permanent markers (whichever colors you prefer), microwave safe dishes, stencils (if you don’t wanna free hand)
  2. get artsy! use your choice of permanent markers and whatever cool design you want and go to town!
  3. preheat oven to 400°
  4. cook designed dishes in stove for 30 minutes and voila! Pier1 quality for less than $10 in all!




Another one of my favorite crafts for your home is the original canvas, decorated however you like. At Michael’s Arts and Craft Supply Store, a 16×20 canvas is about $10, but I went the other day and they were all half off, so I got multiple for $5 each. Here’s some examples of stuff my friends and I have done to plain canvases in order to match our desired rooms…





three separate mini canvases (Newman)



I love Maroon 5, if you haven’t guessed lol
This is actually a shoe box lid.. lol



Another thing I’ve been delving into lately is getting my shit organized. Ashley just moved in at the beginning of the summer so I was, in a way, forced to reevaluate my messiness. So, I started thinking of ways to organize the many things in my bathroom and bedroom to make room for her and I came up with some really cool stuff.



You can organize your jewelry in a million different ways, but I have come to find this is the cheapest, cutest, and less of a hassle way (because no one wants to spend hours getting ready, then hours trying to untangle your jewelry collection)



  1. find an old picture frame in your house and punch out the back cork part and the glass so all that’s left is the individual frame (try to find a cute frame!)
  2. find some slab of wire at your local lowe’s or walmart and glue it to the back of the frame
  3. hang jewelry on the wire cut-out
  4. some people also like to hang lace from the left to right sides of the frame to make it look more vintagey, so if you would like to do that, I encourage it!



Make-Up/Hair Products:

Once again, this can be done in multiple different ways, but this is what I chose to do and it was super cheap…

Dollar Tree Make-Up Holder steps:

    1. Gather supplies: At the Dollar Tree (EVERYTHING is a dolla!), in the party section, they have chrome colored plates that look super vintage, buy as many as you want depending on how many layers you want your stacker to be (you can paint them any color you like, but I thought the chrome looked chic and get different sizes); candle holders (again, amount depends on how many layers you want)
    2. After the plates are your desired color, place the largest plate on the ground
    3. Grab one of the candle holders and hot glue it upside down to the middle of the largest plate
    4. Get the second largest plate ready and put hot glue around the opposite end of the candle holder
    5. Place the second largest plate on top of the newly glued candle holder (make sure it’s in the middle!)
    6. Repeat steps 3-5 on the next candle holder and next smallest plate and continue until you’ve reached your desired number of layers
    7. Let dry and voila! Make-up and hair utensil holder under $6

Mommy’s Pantry Straightener Holder steps:

  1. Gather supplies: Tin cans of different sizes; paint and/or fabric; glue; scissors; adhesive (strength depending on the size of the can and what will be placed in it)
  2. Eat the soup
  3. Spoof up the Campbell’s soup logo with some paint or printed fabric and make them your own
  4. **if you chose printed fabric** Cut the fabric down to a size that will wrap the can with no excess and glue it to the outside of the can
  5. Stick adhesive to back of can and place wherever you desire in your bathroom
  6. Place hair utensils (straightener, blow dryer, bobby pins, hair ties, brushes) in desired cans


I’ll be moving into my new apartment soon, so if you liked what you have read, let us know and I’ll continue to post little things here and there that I’m making for my own personal house


❤ Your PFF