Adam Noah Levine

In order to commence this article, I must explain the obsession that is Adam Noah Levine. I am so desperately in love with this man. Like.. it’s probably not healthy. He’s just so freaking amazing, in every aspect, but I won’t get into all that cuz ain’t nobody got the time it would take for me to delve into my obsession.

One of the many things I love about Levine is his killer fashion sense. He knows what to wear, how to wear and when to wear it (or not wear it in this case). This post is gonna be a conglomeration of Levine’s famous wardrobe. Yeah, of course, I’ll be oggling as will all the other faithful women of PFF, but this post is for you, boys. Take notes.


At the launch of his new signature fragrance’s at Macy’s in Century City, California this February, Levine put his usual rocker look aside and classed it up in this chic, high fashion suit.









Again, at another launch party, Levine sports this adorable and perfectly appropriate white striped button down with designer slacks. This boy’s got some serious fashion sense. He even coordinated the sheerness of the belt and shoes.









Earlier this year, Levine and the rest of the Maroon 5 crew attended the 55th Annual Grammy Awards Show and their appearance didn’t disappoint. James Valentine, Maroon 5’s lead guitarist, and Levine are the front men of this picture while the others follow the red carpet, all matching. Adorable. And Levine’s bow tie tops it all off for me.








Take this one with a grain of salt. Most men cannot pull this look off, but if you’ve got a nice upper body, long torso and a decent height, you should definitely try this. He exudes confidence in this outfit and it accentuates his intricate and sexy tattoos. (TODAY Show Performance at Rockefeller Plaza)








THIS is the Adam we all know and love. Since 2002 he has been captivating audience’s with his lyrics and (sometimes overly) confident personality and it shows expertly in this piece. When could a leather jacket on a rock star ever go wrong? (16th Annual Critic’s Choice Awards)








Finally, this is Levine’s go-to casual look. White V-neck paired with dark jeans and he pulls it off oh-so well. Attached at the hip to ex-girlfriend, Anne Vyalitsyna, they experience a 2011 Lakers game in style. He is an L.A. boy, after all.








Moral of the story, in my opinion, it doesn’t matter what you wear as long as you know you look good wearing it.

“You wouldn’t be a complete band without a slightly cocky front man, would it?” Adam’s exact words when asked about his confidence level and the impact it has on his music and fans. The most important thing about individualism, style and fashion is being comfortable in your skin and having the confidence level you deserve. Kick ass, I know you can.

❤ Your PFF