Have Confidence, Be Sexy







Hi there!

This is my first post here on the new official site and I am super excited about it. Time has escaped me since I have been dealing with school, this internship that I had and the fact that I am obsessed with the show Scandal. That show is actually what gave me the inspiration for this article. Today I am going to be talking about characters on TV that just ooze  power and confidence and how those 2 traits can make people appear so much sexier.

Don Draper of Mad Men

He is charming, smart, suave, slick, cool, calm and collected all in one big ball of perfection. Ladies see him and they just swoon over him. Men, please take note, if you want women to basically drool all over you than take a few notes from Don over here. PS: He is always in a fitted suit and trust me that is a good thing. A man in a nice suit has the same effect on women that a woman in lingerie has on men.

Olivia Benson of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

She is a feisty, strong, independent woman with a badge and a gun… it just does not get much better than that. This woman goes to work everyday and faces criminals and crime scenes that about 90% of the human population would not be able to stomach. Her control and ability to take down men twice her size just screams “SEXY”! If I were some crazy rapist or serial killer or something I would looooove to get handcuffed by Badass Benson over here.

Jack Donaghy of 30 Rock

This man has so much confidence that some people may say that he is a bit cocky, but since he seems to own like half of New York, his cockiness is totally justified. His wit is undeniable and the fact that he sits up in his office in one of the top floors in one of those skyscrapers in New York and can just throw around orders drives women wild.

Jeannie of I Dream of Jeannie

She is a half naked woman, living in your house waiting on your beck and call to grant you anything that you could possibly wish for. She has the power to give you whatever you want. Anything at all…in the world. Need I say more?

Derek Shepherd of Grey’s Anatomy

This guy over here is just one of the best surgeons in all of Seattle and his control and calm demeanor helps save lives in the operation room everyday. In between saving lives and being incredibly good looking, he shows his love and devotion to Meredith Grey. Woman literally sit around, watch him on TV and wish to God that their boyfriends could be more like him…or they at least fantasize that one day they will get a concussion of something, end up in a hospital and meet their very own McDreamy.

Claire Huxtable of The Cosby Show

Not only is she a black female, but she is a lawyer and a good one at that…that was a lot to accomplish back in the 80’s and 90’s. Claire did not just sit at home and wait for her doctor husband to show up from work, she pursued her own career, had 5 children and kept everyone in line while doing it. Tell her that women belong in the kitchen and see how long it takes her to put you in your place. Do it just once, I dare you.

Pretty much the whole cast of Scandal

Harrison’s cool demeanor…sexy. Abby’s intelligence…sexy. Huck’s silence and the mystery that surrounds him…sexy. Fitz being the president and being able to do just about anything that he wants…sexy. The real point being…OLIVIA POPE IS PERFECT.

Fashion is not just about clothes, shoes, makeup and how you do your hair. It is about your attitude and how you portray and conduct yourself. The more confidence you have, the more people will believe it, and the truer it will be.

ooxx Ashley