Phone Fashion











Hey kiddos!

So, my birthday recently passed and my parents decided to be cool and finally get me a smartphone. I know, I know, how in the world have I been living without  one all of this time in the first place? Well, I can say that I really do love my new phone and right when I got it, I got a nice case to keep it protected. But keep in mind, just because the case is meant to keep your phone safe, does not mean that it needs to be boring or ugly. Like your wardrobe, you are allowed to have a little fun and get creative with how you decorate your phone. Put your favorite color or colors on it, a cool theme, or even get really personal and add some of your own pictures. However, sometimes people get a little crazy with their phone cases…and not in a good way…

I have no idea why someone would want this to be their phone case. It’s bulky and obnoxious. I am sure that someone thought that this would be funny , but it’s actually not. You just end up looking like an idiot that the 90’s threw up.

I have seen cases that have had little panda ears or looked like some other cute animal, but this?? This is just plain weird! It’s knobby little hooves and grey patch and it’s cyborg eye all add up to just being super duper creepy. “Hey, I’m not getting a call on my phone, I am getting a call on my plastic piggy”….What?

What is this even? Like why? “Look at me and my shiny, obnoxious phone cover…please for the love of God look at me because I am desperately seeking attention.” Looking at this, all I hope for is one of those stupid beads to fall off and lodge itself into your damn head..

WHY?? How do you feel comfortable carrying that around? How could you not be totally embarrassed of yourself? How does this fit in your pocket? Why would you spend your hard earned money on this? I have so many questions and just…no answers.

Just like your clothes, your phone case can be cute and stylish, but evidently some people decide to carry around little piggies and big ass plastic ears…

I am worried, so very worried.

ooxx Ashley