Rainy Day Attire











Hey hey hey!

A few weeks ago there was an article posted about atrocious rain gear and since Florida, the sunshine state, seems to really hate sunshine during the summer and instead really likes dark skies, thunderstorms, and humidity, here is a follow up post on cute rain gear as well!




People tend to get a little crazy when it comes to their rain boots. They try to get them in these crazy patterns and designs and with rain boots being ugly already, you really should refrain from drawing any more unneeded attention to them. The best thing that you can do is to just go with a nice solid color. Some colors that go will match with just about anything are grey, dark brown, or black…you can just never go wrong with black. However, if you want to add a nice pop of color to your outfit you can get a nice red or blue, or whatever color you love.




“You can stand under my umbrella…ella…ella…” And yes Rihanna, will do…as long as it is a cute umbrella. Believe it or not, umbrellas can do more than just keep you dry, they can be an accessory as well! For your pleasure and enjoyment, here is a collage of umbrellas that are just adorable:

As you can see…it really, really, is not hard to get your hands on a cute umbrella. Raindrops are going to get one look at your adorable umbrella and think, that thing is way too cute for me to hit….so basically a cute umbrella with just repel all the water away from you!  If you just want to go simple, again, you will never ever go wrong with a nice black one.



Raincoats or trench coats

Depending on what kind of rain coat you have on, you will either look like you are sadly trudging through the miserable weather or like you are gliding…no…dancing along the shimmering puddles. Therefore, you need to make sure to have a nice coat that really stands out as just another accent of your cute outfit. Rain coats can be form fitting and accentuate your waist, they can be in cute colors, they can even look like adorable little dresses and people will actually give you compliments on what a cute outfit you have on.



The lesson of today is, just because it is raining and it is ugly outside, does not mean that you have look gross and miserable too.

ooxx Ashley