Worst Dressed This Week

Hey guys and gals!

Oh the world of celebs…they are rich, they are glamorous, they are cool and they also go out wearing some ugly stuff just like the rest of us!!

You would think that because they are so rich that they would have the sense to hire a stylist if they had bad taste is clothes, but alas, I suppose not.


rachel bilson


Rachel Bilson


All of these earth tones really wash her skin out, not to mention, it makes her look like a hippie or flowerchild. She is so tiny… and both her top and bottom layers are so baggy and baggy clothes on such a itty bitty woman is totally unflattering. Plus, those brown suede heels are just…a big no no.



jennifer lopez


Jennifer Lopez


OK, it seems to me that Jennifer over here really has a problem with dressing her age since I had to call her out on it in a previous article. I get it, she looks very very good for her age, but instead of accentuating it she overdoes it by trying to dress like she is 20. Halle Berry is an amazing dresser, so is Gwyneth Palthrow… they pretty much always look on top of their game…they don’t dress dull or boring at all, but they DO NOT try to dress like they are teeny boppy like 18 year olds either.



jennifer morrison


Jennifer Morrison


I love floral print and I love stripes, but I hate them together on this dress. This dress just looks like she threw it together from your grandmother’s old drapes or something. Also note, I adore the movie Harold and Maude, but her hair just justifies the whole grandma theory since it looks like that of 79 year old Maude Chardin.


worst dressed


Ginnifer Goodwin


Oh Ginnie…this was not a good win for you at all, it was huge lose. Her light skin and  thevvibrant green is a great combo, I give her that, but the whole rest of the dress is just gross. The ruffles are a no, the fit is a no, and those huge flaps on the back just make her look very large. She looks unshapely and boxy. Someone, set this dress on fire.


cate blanchett


Cate Blanchett


This all pink get up is just…I can’t…that top looks like some kind of over sized handkerchief and then she mysteriously has these flowers growing out of her?? I don’t know, I really just can’t explain it. She may be blind and we don’t know about it because there is no way that someone would see this outfit and want to wear it…


So this just totally justifies me being in sweats right now…I look like a super model.

ooxx Ashley