Worst Dressed This Week



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It’s that time of the week again, to go over celebs and their sense of style..or in this case, lack thereof.

rita ora

Rita Ora

Ok, so thigh high white boots, weird night gown looking thing and white blazer with shoulder pads that match the weird night gown looking thing with Princess Leia hair to top it all off. If she was trying to look daring and cool she missed…by a lot, but if she was trying to look like a glamorous clown, then she has that down pat!

zosia mamet

Zosia Mamet

I am so confused. I am not sure if this is a one piece or a weirdly cut shirt or if those shorts are even really there because quite honestly, they look computer generated. Her hair looks like it has not seen a comb in weeks and she has such a sad look on her face. Maybe it’s because she hates this outfit just as much as I do. Well, I give her one thing…I like her shoes.

ashley tisdale

Ashley Tisdale

This dress is like little mermaid meets modern grandma muumuu.  I do not find this dress attractive in the least, but maybe if she was wearing it out to the beach over a bathing suit it would at least make some kind of sense, but on the red carpet it is just a total flop. Maybe like…a fish out of water perhaps???

tilda swinton

Tilda Swinton

Looking at this…thing…I imagine she went to the dress fitting thinking, I want a dress that resembles a camouflage patterned trench coat that gives me no shape and does not flatter my body at all. ANNNND don’t forget to make it poo poo brown.

lady gaga

Lady Gaga

This dress looks classless, tasteless and hot…considering it is leather in the summer time ( I will never ever understand that concept…leather in hot weather, what are we, a bunch of BDSM fiends?) But to be quite honest, this is the best thing that I have ever seen Gaga wear so technically she is on my best dressed list of the week. Brava… I guess.

Ashley Mondesir