Dressing Your Puppy




Oh hi reader!

The end of summer is near and soon I will be moving into my new residence. For the past 3 months I have been couch, or bed surfing, with yours truly…Leslie Cole PFF. Since she has sorta become my legal guardian for the summer and she is now couch surfing until she gets to move into her new apartment next week, that means we are both guests in a very generous woman’s home (GOD BLESS CONNIE).

Now, getting to the important stuff, our host Connie has the cutest, sweetest, most lovable little Yorkie named Rudy and I have fallen in love with him. Since he is just so cute and well kept, he is my muse for this article and I will be writing about the most outrageous and stupid things that people dress their dogs in.


Fur Coat


This is a $725 mink coat. 725. 7…2…5. Seven hundred and twenty five dollars for an accessory for your dog. Not only is the price completely and utterly absurd but it is a FUR COAT for an animal that already has fur. This really just seems cruel. Dogs may not be smart enough to understand every single thing that is going on around them, but if they were aware of the fact that you were putting a fur coat on them, I am sure that even a dog would question your sanity. To me, that would be like if people walked around with leather jackets…made out of human skin. Doesn’t that just sound creepy!?





A pet high chair


Ok, I get to most people their pet is not just an animal but a member of the family and some people even see their pet as their child. But this is just ridiculous! Little Fluffy is a dog, not a toddler…





Dog nail polish


Just take one look at that picture. Do you see their faces? The poor things look depressed. You wanna know why they look that way? Because they have come to the realization that their owner is an idiot. What in the name of God does a dog care that its nails are painted? Dogs do not need pedicures, but the person who committed this atrocity needs counseling.






A lot of dogs out there are named King or Princess or whatever and I already think that is overdone and tacky enough, but this is taking it to the next level. Can we please refrain from making our dogs look like little Divas? Can the world just sit down and agree on that please?? And I almost forgot the best part. This tiara, that your dog will probably end up breaking, losing, or peeing on is $4.2 million. Just think about that…let that soak in. Let me pay my bills? Let me invest in some stocks? Let me give to charity? Nope, I am gonna buy a $4 million doggy crown…

If you want to walk around looking like a dummy, then be my guest, but your innocent dog is helpless and it is just cruel and unfair to make them walk out in the world looking like a fool just for your enjoyment! Let your dog have some dignity!

Ashley Mondesir