Video Music Awards





Hey Amigos!

The Fall semester has just started and Leslie and I have been super busy moving in, buying books and getting classes started. Besides the hustle and bustle of college another oh so exciting adventure was the VMA’s last night. Let’s take a moment of silence and pray for the weird, tacky or just plain ugly outfits.


2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Red Carpet





Katy Perry


She looks like someone stuffed her into a sardine can that had a leopard print cover on it. Poor Katy looks like she can barely breathe with how tight that dress is. Then there are the gold leaves all over the top, like she rolled around in decorations from the party store.



2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals






I promise you, if you dyed his shirt and pants bright orange he would like he was on his way to prison or at least like he was trying out for some role on Orange is the New Black. Well at least one thing makes sense here… you are so right Drake, nothing is the same… I miss the good old days of Degrassi!










Now, anyone who is anyone know that I love me some Ci Ci. The woman has an amazing voice, a rockin bod and dance moves that make me question my sexuality but this dress… and I am using the term dress lightly… is a mess! The top half almost looks like the outline of a Halloween custom skeleton while the bottom half looks like she is trying to be a swan or a an albino peacock or something. I love you Ciara but no.



2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Backstage




Robin Thicke


Look at him. The man literally looks like he stole this suit from the set of Beetlejuice.  I can’t even.







Miley Cyrus


Daring, exciting and original…no, but attention seeking wannabe with a terrible two year old attitude…yes, yes, yes. This animal corset thing was stupid and then she tears it all off to reveal her very revealing nude bra and underwear. I can’t even with her, I am positive that she has a mental problem.

Hope you guys enjoyed the rest of the VMA’s though!

Ashley Mondesir