High Low Dresses





Oh how I have missed you! This article will be a little tiny bit different than my usual posts. I usually have a very clear point in my articles…I know exactly how I feel and I am in way afraid to share that with you guys. However… when it comes to some articles of clothing, I am just not sure how I feel about them. Today I am going to talk about the roller coaster of a relationship that I have high-low skirts and dresses.

I am not going to lie, I own 2 high-low dresses that my sister bought me as gifts and one high-low skirt that I got myself (at a super low price, mind you 😉 !!) But just because I own some high-lows, I still feel conflicted!

When I first saw high-lows I thought they were ridiculous. Why do you have to have both lengths? What is the point? Is it really that hard that you can’t choose between short and long? It looks like costume, what are you doing? But the more I saw them… the more I was intrigued…



Most high-low are made from chiffon which means that they are super light and flow in the wind. I am a huge skirt fan because I love flow-y and I love twirling around in my skirts whenever I get the chance. The more I saw high-lows, the more it seemed that they were prime for twirling!

On the same token, I hated when I saw some high-lows that took the term to the extreeeeme. You know what I mean, the high would be up to the girl’s crotch and the low was dragging on the floor behind her. I hate that! I feel like high-lows were only really pretty when the difference in the length between the front and back was about 12 inches.

I find myself so conflicted when I either hate a high-low like this:



but I love ones that looked like this:



Also, high-low are such a trend and I feel like in another year or so, people may not even like them and I have never been one to follow trends, I tend to go for things that are simple and will probably look good and be in style for years.

So… what do you guys, our faithful readers, think? Are you for high-lows or do you find them highly disgusting?

Comment and tell us what you think! I wanna know!

Ashley Mondesir