Love Me Tinder 2


“How do you have a normal conversation with someone on Tinder?”


This question would have to be answered with another seemingly difficult question, what would you consider a “normal” conversation? If you’ve registered your phone with Tinder through Facebook, you were more than likely looking to either entertain yourself with all of the…interesting… people in your area, you’re looking for love, or you’re just looking to have a good time with someone random. But let’s be real here, Tinder wasn’t created for finding “the one” or even for finding someone that had one good quality, but instead, was created for people with a certain goal in mind that are looking for other people with those same goals. Let your mind wander as it will, and protest if you must, but who joins a hook-up app and expects anything less than people that you are connecting with to get right to the point?

My favorite pick-up line on Tinder that I have seen thus far is “Me, you a bucket of ice, a pitching wedge and a goat. Your role is optional.”

These are the types of conversations you will encounter on hook-up apps such as Tinder and HotorNot, but if you’re still not convinced and want to continue to find “normal” conversations through venues such as these, here are some tips on how to make it happen:

  1. Update your “About Me” section: When your description says something like “SeXyGiRl25: I like to party, drink and I’m up for literally anything!!” something’s gotta change. I’m gonna be honest, if I was an adult male and saw this About Me, I’m only going to think one thing, okay maybe two things, and one of them is whether I will lessen myself as a person if I actually swipe right on you. Instead of these tactics, why not put something like “Sara Jones. Chemical Engineering. Senior at UF. 22. I love my family and friends and I’m looking for someone to chat with. Could it be you?” You’ve only got one impression with apps such as these, make it count.
  2. Change your picture: If you are only allowed 6 pictures on Tinder and you’re looking for “normal” conversations, or at least respect from the people who you connect with, why in the world would all of your photos be of you in little-to-no clothing, shirts that say “i love sex,” or you participating in some type of lip-biting shenanigans? If you truly want people who are going to respect you and treat you like a lady, present yourself as such. Post photos of you in The Swamp (shows pride in your school), post photos of you in other countries (shows you’re adventurous), post photos of you rock-climbing or kayaking (shows you’re daring and interesting), and if all else fails, post selfies of yourself in appropriate clothing laced with a big, welcoming smile. I’d definitely want to swipe right on someone who presented his/herself in this way and I might actually want to get to know them, rather than just whats under their garments.
  3. Be straight forward: If you’ve got a goal in downloading a dating app such as Tinder, make it known. If someone approaches you with “Hi, how are you doing this evening?,” respond back with something just as respectful, while also letting them know who you are as a person and what you hope to gain through this new connection. Let everyone you talk to know you will be treated with respect and you will be. If someone comes on a little too strong, take a few steps back and let them know you’re either uncomfortable or try taking a different turn in the conversation that will leave both of you satisfied. Obviously, since this is a hook-up app, so there will be those people (lots of them, in all honesty) that will make their first words to you sound like the scripting of a 70′s porn, so if you’re looking for that “normal” conversation, stay away from those who do.


Leslie Cole