Thieves Among Us


“I’m pretty sure that someone stole some money from me. Actually a lot. I don’t really want to call the police. Should I confront the person and if so, what do I say?”


This is a tough one because it’s gonna involve you making a decision that might cause you to lose that person in your life, but in all honesty, if they stole from you in the first place, they don’t deserve a spot in your life anyways. If you’re somewhat close to this person, my advice would be to confront them about it, because “pretty sure” doesn’t mean it’s 100% true. So if you’re questioning if he/she actually did what you think they did, be up front about it and figure it out before taking any further action. If the person you’re describing isn’t a friend, but a foe, and you’re not worried about what happens to them, report it as soon as possible.We have tuition and shit to pay for, ain’t nobody got time for that.


Leslie Cole