Underage Fun


“I am not 21, what are good old fashion ways to have fun?”


You reside in Gainesville, Florida, so there’s hundreds of things you can do that don’t involve getting shwasty pants, although that is one of my favorite past times. One of my favorite things to do in Gainesville is float down Ginnie Springs. Going down the river with some of your closest friends and grilling up dinner after is one of the greatest things to do on those lazy weekends. Lake Wauberg, so I’ve heard, is kind of the same thing. There are also hundreds of hole-in-the-wall places in Gainesville, such as Maude’s Cafe, where you can play old school board games with a cup of joe, Bagels Unlimited, with the biggest pancakes in town, and Hear Again Music Store, which hosts an awesome collection of old records and posters. Also, I just found out a few weeks ago that every Wednesday from 4-7 p.m., there’s a cute farmers market full of local artists and farmers showcasing their skills downtown. And if you’re reallllly underage, like freshman underage, Reitz offers free screenings of movies and Gator Nights every Friday night! Midnight breakfast is never a bad thing.

Leslie Cole