Truth About Threesomes


“My boyfriend of 5 years wants to spice things up in our sex life and suggested a threesome. I think I’d be into it, but I’m scared. Should I go through with it?”


Sex is a simple and seriously awesome act, if you’re doing it for the right reasons. I’m always going to tell someone to try new things in bed with their significant others, but only if they’re comfortable with it. If you’re scared to bring another person into the bedroom, figure out why. Do you think you’ll be jealous and compare yourself to the other person? Do you think it will fuck up your relationship after that night? Are you weirded out about asking someone to be that other person? If you can answer no to all of these and you’re ready to get out of the missionary-only sex desert you two have been in, I say go for it, by all means. Just bring your freakin A-game. If you thought pleasing one person to the fullest extent was tiresome, get ready to double it.


Leslie Cole