Bahama Mama


Hey guys!

So, it’s around that time for us college kids… Spring Break has either just passed or this week is your Spring Break. Either way, it is pretty much the best week of your entire school year and you wish more than anything that it would last more than just 7 days… more like you wish it was 365 days.

I booked my cruise with Royal Caribbean and I must say, I think I will be cruising with them every single year.

The service was impeccable. I have never been around so many people who seemed to genuinely want to make me happy. Literally, there was a waiter or server or attendant asking if my room was ok, if I needed a drink, or food, or handing me a list of activities to partake in around every corner.

I had never been happier.

Our cruise left from Miami on Monday March 3rd, we were in Nassau the 4th, Coco Cay the 5th, Key West on the 6th, and back in Miami on the 7th. I am not sure I will ever fully disclose what occurred on those days.

To get ready for my trip, I did a bit of shopping, as seen in my previous post. Most of my shopping was done at Sandy’s, one of my very favorite places to shop, but I got my bathing suit from Pacsun, and didn’t mind paying more for a bigger, more supportive top since I am a bit more… well-endowed than some.

So if your break is over and you’re having the Spring Break blues, I know exactly how you feel, if you are in vacation mode right now, or your vacation is coming up, take a shot for me!

Ashley Mondesir