Let’s Get Married

wedding ring

Hello beautiful people!

I am generally not a lovey-dovey girly girl. I don’t like romantic comedies, huge romantic gestures creep me out, and I most certainly did not spend hours as little girl dreaming up my perfect wedding.

However, to the shock of many of my friends and family, I recently got my very own, real-life boyfriend (trust me, it is still weird for me to even say the b-word), in addition to the fact that my daily newsfeed on Facebook consists of at least 4 couples getting engaged or married. On top of that, today my older sister got engaged to her amazing boyfriend, so the topic of relationships, love, and marriage is literally and figuratively, a topic that hits home.

So with that being said, let me indulge in my deep, deep…deeeeep, inner girly girl and share my ideas on cute summer wedding color combos. Try saying that 5 times really fast!

White and light teal

To a lot of girls, this color combo screams Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and what girl isn’t thinking about big, shiny diamonds when she is planning a wedding? The light colors are soft and fresh.. almost like fresh linen, since now that you are wife you will be doing laundry for you and your husband like once a week.

Pink/coral with grey/silver

I see this color combo a lot during Easter, but it also looks great during the summer. The pink/coral is super spring time sass, while the grey/silver adds this cool wintery element. So it’s like flowers and meadows and sunshine mixed with the movie Frozen! Am I right!?

Green and brown

When people think of summer, they think of nature, trees, grass, and sunshine. Sooo, what better way to celebrate hot and sticky, blazing hot, summer time-ness than to have your wedding be nature themed. If you do choose this theme, and you have a summer wedding on the countryside, than this theme will look rustic and super awesome.

Bright colors in general

Reds, yellows, oranges, and bright pinks. Summer is all about flowers and girly stuff like that, right? Bring out your crayola crayons, find your nearest meadow, and say “I do” to the person you deemed cool enough to spend the rest of your life with.

Have fun out there, you crazy kids!

ooxx Ashley