Accessories- Manly Edition

Hello lover 😉

To most people, when talking about fashion and style, when the word “accessories” is bought up, we often only think of women. How women have the option of carrying a super cute bag, a rockin pair of earrings, or a set of arm-candy that screams Pinterest. But we often forget that men can accessorize too… or as I like to call it, “man-ccessorize”.

Here is a prime example of a man (a sexy man 😉 if I do say so myself) adding some simple, yet effective elements into his outfit to make it really pop.

belt, watchHe paired a light blue button up with fitted tan corduroy pants. That in itself is a nice outfit, but he took it a step further by adding a dark brown belt with a unique gold anchor shaped buckle. On top of that, he is sporting a dark brown watch and a gold bracelet that both go with the belt. All three man-ccessories are small and simple, but think about the outfit without them… not nearly as chic.

Accessories don’t always have to be items that you add to an outfit, you can enhance any outfit by adding colors that really stand out and and contrast. Here, our crafty man-ccessorizer was able to snag this light gray suit jacket at a thrift store. The jacket itself would have been nice just the way it was, but he saw its hidden potential and added a pop of color by putting burgundy patches over the pockets.



jacket, after















Men, if you want to get the ladies, follow this guy’s lead! Simple things like adding a nice watch, a pop of color, or a cool belt can be the difference from her walking by, or her stopping to say hey.

ooxx Ashley