Let Your Creative Juices Flow

Style does not always have to mean what you wear. Style is how you represent and express yourself and that includes the kind of foods you eat, your musical taste, and one of my favorite hobbies… getting crafty.

Getting crafty is different for everyone. Some people may like to finger paint, others may like photography, some may like making collages out of magazine cut outs. I myself, like to draw. My drawings range from doodles of random shapes, to 3D sketches of people and animals, and most recently, stencils of celebrities such as these:


I have been a big fan of Audrey Hepburn ever since I saw Breakfast at Tiffany’s when I was about 8. She was absolutely gorgeous and she was an amazing person too.



Another actor I like is the oh so talented Christian Bale. A movie of his that I have seen countless times is American Psycho. I decided, hell, I might as well draw him since I feel like a psycho most days…



Musically, I recently fell in love with the Arctic Monkeys. Particularly, their most recent album AM (if you haven’t heard the song Do I Wanna Know, you should reaaaaally get on that). So this was a homage to my new man crush, their lead singer Alex Turner.

Expressing yourself though art is a great way to let out your creativity and show people your style. Whether you like to draw like me, or cook, bake, sing, or garden…let your style shine!!

ooxx Ashley