Henna: The More You Know


A lot of people may have heard of henna, and know that it is used in Indian tradition as decorations on hands, arms, and feet for ceremonies such as weddings. What a lot of people don’t know about henna is that it also offers a variety of benefits for your hair.

Henna has been used as a hair dye for centuries and it also strengthens, moisturizes, and softens hair.

Here are some other benefits that henna offers:

-Henna mixed with olive oil and yogurt can be used as a natural hair conditioner

-It is known to treat dandruff

-It strengthens hair and reduces hair loss

-It treats frizzy, unmanageable hair

-It cleans your scalp

Using a henna based paste, or adding a bit of henna to your conditioner adds a protective coat to your hair and many people say that they feel their strands are thicker and stronger after regular usage of henna.

However, if you decide to add henna to your hair regime, be sure to get a it from a trusted natural supplier because many products that say they used henna, in fact use many chemicals that can actually damage your hair.

Best hair wishes!

ooxx Ashley