Once You Go Orange Is The New Black, You Never Go Back


Like I’ve said in a previous post, style does not always have to mean what you wear. Style is made up of a bunch of things like your musical taste, the books you like to read, and even your choice in Friday night activity. One thing that people take a lot of pride in are the shows they watch, in particular, the shows that they are obsessed with… and one show that has caught a lot of attention is Orange Is The New Black, or OITNB for short.

The reason why OITNB is the topic of discussion for today’s post is because yes, I am obsessed with it and yes season 2 just came out on Netflix today and I would be lying if I told you that I was not going to lock myself away in my room tonight to watch the whole season, but I also truly believe that it is a stylish show.

Now, for those of you who don’t know about this show, or at least know about it and haven’t taken the time to watch it, it is about a woman who seems to be living an ideal life, engaged to a nice man and going about her business, when she is arrested and sent to a women’s prison for crimes she assisted in in her younger years with her now ex-girlfriend who was a heroin dealer. Who also is now… get this… in that very same prison.

You may be thinking, I don’t know about you Ashley, but prison attire is deeeef not stylish.

Hear me out though.

When I am talking about style, I’m not talking about the ugly black boots and baggy, bland uniforms they have to wear. I’m not referring to their hair or make-up either. In fact, none of the main characters wear make-up and most of them could really use a comb. But, their lack of make-up and flashy wardrobe draws attention from the aesthetic and towards the actual character and to their story. When it comes the style, this show is overflowing in the substance of the each plot. Each character has a unique story, background, and history that bought them all to this place. Each character is immensely different in their beliefs, past, and ways of dealing with issues. However, no matter how different they all are, they were similar enough to all end up in this same prison.

This is not your average “just put it on for some background noise” kind of show. Each episode is compelling, interesting, and leaves you wanting more. What would you do if you were in that position? Many of us may have done a few bad things in our past, many of us may have been hanging around the wrong crown when we were young and naive, but most of us get past that. What if though, just take a second to think what if your past caught up with you and put you in prison for it?

The show’s unique plot and intense character development is genius. It is edgy, racy, and of course, stylish.

Honestly, if you have not watched it yet go ahead and get on Netflix and just give one episode a try. You won’t be sorry and you won’t know how to turn back 😉

But really, you won’t want to.

ooxx Ashley