5 Questions Girls Ask Their Friends As They Are Getting Ready…And Their Answers


You’re in your 20’s and you’re getting ready for a night out on the town with your girls. You decide to all meet up at one central location to get ready for the evening, whoever lives closest to whatever bar or club or whatever event is the first stop of the night. At the beginning of the day you were thinking to yourself,

“Finally gonna get to go out with my girls, gonna get a few drinks, gonna really let loose. Yeeees.”

But as the hours pass and you’re looking at your clothes, shoes, and make-up, you begin to think,

“I have nothing to wear. I freaking hate my closet. I can’t go out anymore.”

Your friends assure you that you have a ton of cute clothes, you have the best style in the group, and maybe even manage to get a shot in you before you finally decide that yes, you ARE going to go out. Despite that, you still have a few questions and luckily PFF has the answers here for you.

1. “Heels or no heels?”

-Well, that all depends on where you are going. If you are going to the biggest club in town, you will look under dressed if you choose not to wear heels. However, if you plan on going to a smaller venue like a bar, you can get away with a super cute pair of ballet flats or sandals. Also take into account how much you will be walking. If you know you are going to be walking a lot, you may want to opt for a more comfortable shoe, like a nice pair of wedges. Stable, but still stylish.

2. “Is this top too slutty? I don’t want to look like a prostitute.”

-For this question, I have my own personal motto: If your top is kind of tight and risque, then go with a loose or long bottom (like a looser pair of shorts or a loose skirt, or a maxi skirt or jeans) and if your bottoms are a little tight or risque, then go with a loose, or more conservative top (if you are working your ass and legs, then choose a top that hides your boobies, they can come out and play another night.) By following this rule, if your top is kind of questionable, you will feel a lot better by evening it out with a more conservative bottom, or vice versa.

3. “Should I wear lipstick?”

-Some girls can’t stand lipstick, others will seek out any chance they can get to wear it. If you are looking to wear a bright, vibrant color lip, you are going to want to take a look at your outfit. A more neutral outfit would really pop with a fabulous, bright lipstick, while a louder outfit might be more well-suited with a neutral lipstick or even just chap stick.

4. “How should I do my hair?”

-I myself, am a fan of curls, so whenever any of my friends ask if they should straighten their hair I will pretty much always say no. However, if you like a little variety in your hair styling then again, you are going to want to take a look at your outfit. Straight hair, bone-straight hair in particular, looks a lot more chic. Therefore, if you have on a very modern or edgy look, then straight hair is the way to go. Curly hair on the other hand is fuller and voluptuous, so if your outfit is flirty or sexy then you might want to sport a curly do.

5. “Do I look ok?”

-At this point, after addressing all of the aforementioned questions, I can assure you that you look hella good. All of your girls are going to tell you the same thing, so go out and have a great night woman!

ooxx Ashley