Shut Those Cravings Down!

Females… we all know that when it’s that time of the month certain things start happening to our minds. We start thinking weird things, saying stuff we don’t mean, we might even be meaner or sadder than usual. The very worst thing though, are the cravings. Our bodies say, “Screw it, I know you said you wanted to watch you weight, but honestly, doesn’t an entire double chocolate cake with a pint of gelato sound delicious right now?”

Have no fear though! Believe it or not, there are substitutes for all those high-sugar diabetes enducing sweets or those salty, one heartbeat away from a heart attack cravings.



Have you been dreaming about salt and all you want to do is eat your weight in fries and chips? Try nuts! They are salty enough to fulfill your craving while also being good for you since nuts are high in protein and loaded with healthy fats that your body actually needs.



If you have sugar on your mind, then you won’t go wrong with some fruit. Raspberries, pineapple, and all other fruits are naturally sweet and won’t leave you feeling guilty.



If you are wanting to have yourself something along the lines of ice cream, then try yogurt or a smoothie instead. Yogurt is full of bacteria (the good kind, I promise) that helps with your digestive track as well as vitamins that your body needs. Smoothies are a great option too. Get creative and make your own masterpiece that is delicious, refreshing, and good for you.



Finally, if your time of the month has you dreaming of chocolate then you’d be glad to know that you can actually have a few pieces of dark chocolate. Studies have shown that dark chocolate actually lowers cholesterol so you’d be doing your body a favor by having a little.

Next time you start thinking about having a double cheese burger, on a pizza, with a tub of cheese fries and 3 milkshakes to wash it all down, try these tricks instead. Your body will thank you.

ooxx Ashley