Dress Up Your Nails This Summer!

Summer is all about fun in the sun, days by the pool, and BBQ’s at the beach. Sure, you may have on a sassy sundress, paired with the most perfect sandals and a bag to match, but what about that one small detail that you forgot?

Your nails.

Don’t leave your nails hanging this summer! While you are out and about getting toasty under the bright sun, add some bright, vibrant colors to your nails so that they can join in on the fun!


One direction that you may want to go with is bright, attention-grabbing neon colors.

Summer is all about light, sunshine, and color so try lightening up your looks with brilliant colors like these:


Another way to add a pop of cute color to your nails without it being quite as drastic and dramatic as the neons seen above, is to go with a nice pastel.


Pastels are a perfect way to achieve colorful, cute nails a bit more subtly.

While neon colors will have you ready for a night of raving and EDM, pastels would be perfect for a cool summer afternoon picnic at a park. As you get dressed for your summer of fun, be sure to give your nails an outfit of their own!

ooxx Ashley