Why You Should Buy Some Chunky Jewelry This Summer

Like I said in my previous post, being colorful, bright, and vibrant this summer is not just about the clothes you wear, it’s also about your nails and accessories. On top of painting your nails, you may want to look into getting yourself some chunky jewelry. To me, summer is all about colors and really being seen. I tend to wear brighter colors, and choose to go with some bolder trends. What better way to make a dramatic fashion statement than by throwing on a few bold pieces of jewelry to really up the ante on some of your outfits this summer?!


Imagine in the picture above, the girl is wearing blue shorts and a relaxed tank. That’s cute enough, right? But, throw in a chunky gold bracelet, put on some colorful geometric rings and even add a brightly colored clutch and she will be sure to make a statement anywhere she’s going.

You’d be surprised by how just adding a  few small pieces of jewelry can really add to your look.






Throw on a ring or two like one of of these perfect pieces.










Or maybe add a chunky boyfriend watch.









It does not even have to stop at arm candy! Feel free to get a few chunky, attention-grabbing necklaces that will add a new element to your outfit as well as accentuate your neckline. Eva Mendez looks dazzling in this necklace, that also even happens to be a perfect summer color!

eva mendes bib

Make a statement this summer by picking up a few chunky pieces of jewelry that will be sure to grab the attention of everyone you come across!

ooxx Ashley