Men’s Fashion 101


Guys, long lost are the days of plain T’s, blue jeans and flip flops. Thanks to me, you will now be able to say hello to a new and exciting world of sleek, sexy and sophisticated fashion! And lucky for you, it’s not as expensive as you may think. I am here to save you from your bland closet, typical outfits that probably take you all of five seconds to pick out, and into a new and improved you!


Lets start with the basics. Colors are all the rage now and so is jewelry. I know what you’re thinking, but jewelry is not just for women. Accent necklaces for men are coming in so fast, that all the fashion magazines can’t even keep up! Arrows, hooks, dangling pieces, and even some diamonds can spoof up your outfits and make you look like a whole new man.


Button ups are also trending now, but I don’t mean just plain white shirts. I’m talking about collared shirts with plaid short sleeves with bold and daring collars. Bright patterned shirts with geometric shapes and Indie patterns. Find a shirt that has a unique pattern under the sleeve when you roll up the arms (a HUGE must) so that you can find the right pair of pants to tie it all together correctly. Fitted shirts not only give you a nice tone, but it really gives the sense that you investigated to find what looks best on you, instead of the generic fit, which is a ridiculously sexy quality.


With that said, the fitter the pant, the better. You don’t have to go legging tight, as some of you are just not into that sorta thing, but a lot of you have the body for it and those loose fitting pants are just not working for you. If you see a shirt and you think “wow I couldn’t pull that off,” it’s more than likely exactly what you need! No woman sees a man walking by and says “wow I really like that guy in that plain shirt and drab pants.” Women want someone daring, fun, creative and interesting! 

You know what else is in? Rolling up those pant legs. Throw on some pointed toe formals, or even some loafers with it. This not only accents the shoes to tie in with your attire, but it gives this sort of “I enjoy how I look, and I take time to make sure it’s perfect” demeanor to those around you.

– Jared