Trend of the Day: Embellished Collars

Another absolute must-have for your summer wardrobe in addition to patterned shorts and maxi dresses is plain tops with embellished collars.images6


Collars finally have their well deserved time in the limelight thanks to this new fad, because now a collar is no longer just a collar, but instead, becomes a statement piece that completes any outfit with the utmost style. Purchasing a dress or shirt with an already embellished collar can also save you a decent amount of money, because there is no reason to pair an accent necklace, like those mentioned in Sunday’s trend of the day post, with your shirt or dress. Shirts with embellished collars basically already have it taken care of in the accessories department, because of the beautiful beads, pearls, rhinestones, or colored threads found on the unique and intricate collars.

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Another important aspect about shirts and/or dresses with embellished collars is that they can be worn in all types of settings. Embellished collars are perfect for a business casual or professional environment, because they are usually neutral in color but add just the right amount of sophisticated style with the embellishments. These types of tops can also be worn with jeans or shorts for a more casual environment and will present everyone you run into that day with a sense that you are a well collected individual and take pride in your appearance.


Embellished collars are used not only in every type of setting, but also in every type of top. Embellished collars can be found on short sleeve shirts, dresses, tank tops, long sleeve shirts, button downs and jackets/cover-ups.








With so many different options to choose from combined with the money saved on not having to accessorize your outfit, embellished collared tops are a must-have this season.

❤ Your PFF