Fashion Designer of the Week: Manuel Blahnik Rodriguez

Anyone who knows me is well aware of my absolute favorite shoe in this world, the Something Blue Satin Pump from Manolo Blahnik.manolo



Manuel “Manolo” Blahnik Rodriguez was born in Santa Cruz de la Palma, Spain in November of 1942. Blahnik Rodriguez grew his own passion for fashion early in life, but he never studied fashion design nor shoe making. Blahnik Rodriguez learned the trade by visiting shoe factories and holding private meetings with machine operators. He began his career with men’s shoes, but he soon found that it was a very niche and neutrally targeted market that wouldn’t allow him to express his inner fashionista. Blahnik Rodriguez began designing intricately beautiful and unique women’s stilettos  in the 1970s. He believed they came with a sense of sexual appeal and he not only drew out each shoe design, but also hand crafted each individual shoe himself.


Below are some of the most popular styles of Manolo Blahniks

Buy Manolo Blahnik BB 105 coral suede pump 2

BB Pump in Coral Suede – $595

Manolo Blahnik Hangisi White Satin Pump-280x350

Hangisi Satin Pump – $965


Swan Pump – $1,259


Campari Pump – $735


Chaos Sandal – $725

Manuel Blahnik Rodriguez has received many awards for his carefully crafted women’s shoes including the following recognitions:

  • CFDA Awards – Special Award (’87), Accessory Designer of the Year (’90), The Stiletto (’97)
  • British Fashion Council – Accessory Designer of the Year (’90 and ’99)
  • Shoe Designer of the Year from Footwear News (’98 and ’03)
  • The SCAD Andre Leon Talley Lifetime Achievement Award (’11)
  • Lifetime Achievement Award from Footwear News (’11)


Here are some of the biggest celebrity names sporting Blahnik Rodriguez’s coveted designs


Stars like Blake Lively, Charlize Theron and Rhianna use some of Blahnik’s designs for their red carpet appearances.


And, every girl knows that Sarah Jessica Parker’s character in Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw, wore her fair share of Manolo’s in the many episodes of the show!