Trend of the Day: #ButtonDown Shirts

Today’s trend of the day is one of my personal favorites, the standard male button down. Call me crazy, but there is nothing sexier than a man in a plain white button down with the top few buttons left undone and a nice pair of jeans as seen below.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


The button down was placed on this Earth by the gods of fashion for all men to embrace and all women to enjoy. Like most of our other trend of the day posts, males button downs can be worn with practically anything and are fit for any setting with the right complementing pieces. A button down could be paired with jeans, as seen above, shorts, khakis or slacks depending on the type of setting you are in.


Men’s button downs have recently become a very popular trend for the spring and summer seasons, which means colors, colors, colors. You no longer have to stick with the standard, neutral colors of white, black or grey, but instead, you can pretty much find classy button downs at any store in any color.

imagesDon’t be afraid to play around with patterned button downs either! These are for more casual settings, but use them to your advantage in such atmospheres!





Pair your favorite button down with a dark-washed denim jean and look as scrumptious as Maroon 5 singer, Adam Levine.










Or, pair your favorite button down with a nice pair of khaki pants like singer, Omarion, does here.









Maybe even try pairing your favorite button down with your favorite pair of shorts like Jay-Z does.









And, of course, create any professional business outfit with the perfect button down and slacks like the flawless Alexander Skarsgard accomplishes effortlessly here.





No matter what color, pattern or fit, every man MUST have at least one button down in their closet this summer. Don’t be caught without one!

❤ Your PFF