Why Adding a #Vest to Your #Summer Wardobe is an Absolute MUST!

There is nothing I love more in the world of fashion than a cliche, form fitting vest.


Gentlemen, vests are no longer just for tuxedos while you’re waiting for your beautiful bride to walk down the aisle anymore. Lucky for us, vests designs and level of comfort have vastly changed over the years. Gone are the days where men only had one variation to choose from, which was that shiny awful mess that came with your tux rental. Vests now come in a wide array of colors, sizes, shapes and fit. My advice is to ensure that the vest pops and does not blend into the color of the shirt you wear under it.

dont-forget-your-vestsLets take a simple grey vest, form fitting with six buttons and a polyester finish. You don’t want to wear a black shirt underneath, because not only is this a dark on dark no-no, but the vest loses its vibrancy and snazzy appeal. Go for a red, white or even tribal patterned shirt. Not only is your shirt going to inevitably stand out more, but the vest will brighten up your appearance as a whole and complete your overall look with ease and class. You can have a lot of fun choosing the color of the vest, because it’s not so much about matching the vest to the rest of your wardrobe, like it so long has been in fashions past. Vests are meant to be fun and daring and you have to take a chance with it!





Want to class it up even more? Throw on a skinny tie! If the 1950s did one thing right, it was skinny ties! My color advice is remain a little more neutral with your tie. Stick to the basic whites and blacks. You can find skinny ties pretty much everywhere now, and they are usually pretty cheap, around 5 or 6 dollars if you get them in the right places. White skinny ties especially draw the attention to the center of your attire, allowing every article of clothing to really come together.




Have fun with vests, go bold and be daring, but always be mindful of the outfit in its entirety!

Dress Rad Be Bad,