It’s Finally Here! #GirlMeetsWorld Premieres Tonight!


The wait is finally over for all of you 90s kids out there. The sequel to one of our favorite sitcoms, Boy Meets World, is set to air tonight on the Disney Channel at 9:45 PM.



The sequel changed it’s name to Girl Meets World and focuses on Cory and Topanga’s daughter, Riley, and her best friend Maya as they enter into 7th grade and deal with all of the craziness that comes with being a teenage girl. Cory, the main character of Boy Meets World, married his high school sweetheart, Topanga, and move to New York City. Girl Meets World picks up where Boy Meets World left off with these two years later with Topanga and Cory’s two children in the limelight now.


Girl Meets World introduces a lot of new characters, but thankfully brings back some of our favorites as well.




Riley Matthews – Topanga and Cory’s 12 year old daughter played by Rowan Blanchard.






Cory Matthews – Boy Meets World protagonist, Riley and Auggie’s father, Topanga’s husband. He has taken a job as a middle school history teacher, of course, teaching his daughter and other kids her age. Played by the beloved Ben Savage.





Maya Hart – Riley’s best friend played by Sabrina Carpentar.







Lucas Friar – Riley’s love interest played by Peyton Meyer.







Auggie Matthews – Riley’s 5-year-old brother played by August Maturo.







Topanga Matthews – Riley and Auggie’s mom and Cory’s wife played by Danielle Fishel.







And, have no fear, ladies, the scrumptious Rider Strong (Shaun from Boy Meets World) will also make some appearances throughout the season!


I, for one, am just really excited about the fantasy that is Corey and Topanga’s love story. They give me so much hope and happiness! Oh, the nostalgia.

Make sure you turn into the Disney Channel tonight and go back in time with us!