Can We Talk About the #HarpersBazaarArabia Cover of #Rhianna for a Second?


This month’s issue of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia features a new and surprising face, Rhianna. Over the past few months, Rhianna has received much backlash for her nude to semi-nude photos on Instagram and magazine covers such as the spread she did for Lui magazine, GQ and Esquire. Some images from these mentioned are captured below.




Rihanna-Naked-01 Rihanna-Naked-07Rihanna-Naked-15Rihanna-Naked-30

And everyone who has ever watched a VH1 countdown knows how much she loves clothing in all of her music videos..




I love RiRi as much as anyone, but it seems to me that this girl has got some serious insecurity issues. She has an absolutely flawless complexion, body and music box, but for some reason, she has to be naked all of the time.

Until now.

In the Harper’s Bazaar Arabia photo shoot for this month, RiRi looked absolutely flawless COMPLETELY CLOTHED! The magazine cover, as seen above, talked about the importance of modesty in choosing your outfits and how you can still look absolutely sexy in excessive amounts of clothing.

Rhianna is one of the most beautiful women in the industry, but she’s mostly seen as a sex symbol, for good reason. The Harper’s Bazaar cover allows us to see Rhianna as the enchanting woman she is without seeing her nips.





Which look do you like best on RiRi? I think we’re leaning more towards the Harper’s Bazaar look, but we’d love to hear from you!