Happy Belated 21st Birthday to #ArianaGrande

Yesterday, June 26, was the adorable Ariana Grande’s 21st birthday. She spent it exactly how I would picture her doing, at Disney. She was served with an adorable baby blue 5-tiered birthday cake complete with all of the happiness and magic of the Disney atmosphere and wore a big pair of Minnie Mouse ears. Grande took to Instagram to give us all a little glimpse of her magical day with pictures staring characters such as Cinderella, Prince Charming and the man that started it all, Mickey Mouse.


I’d like to take a second to shed some light on all of the spectacular fashion and beauty advice Grande has given the world this year without even speaking.

Ariana Grande’s Instagram account is full of beautiful pictures like this one. Her skin is absolutely flawless, her eyes are sultry, yet inviting, and her hair color is beautifully sun kissed.

ArianaGrandeGrande always effortlessly sports the natural look. Understandably so, because she has such a natural beauty about her appearance and her voice. She always perfectly combines lady-like silhouette skirts, like the one seen here, with cropped tops to show off her amazing torso.

arianaIn a Cosmo spread shot earlier this year, Grande looked absolutely flawless in three different outfits for three different settings. The first, she is cute, relaxed and comfortable for all of those rainy days in with the boyfriend. The second, she’s ready for date night with a poofy skirt and sheer tank. The third, she’s ready to tear up the town with her best girlfriends. Notice how her hairstyle never changes. That’s the great thing about long, luscious waves!

ariana-grande-21st-bday-disneyworldWe hope Ariana had an amazing 21st birthday and as always, she looked absolutely flawless doing so.