Trend of the Day: Contrasting Colors

I would never suggest that someone make an outfit out of contrasting patterns, because, as the old saying goes, too much of a good thing could become bad. Contrasting colors, on the other hand, could be the best thing to happen to you this summer.


Use this summer season to be as bold and daring in your appearance as your little heart will allow. If this means chopping off all of your hair and rocking the bob cut, like Ashley talked about last week, or pairing some of the most daring pieces in your closet together, you need to do it. Don’t only reinvent your wardrobe this summer, but take steps to become a better you all around!

One way to ignite this fuel is to grab some of your favorite colored pieces from your closet, like our model Jared does above, and instead of pairing them with neutral pieces, pair them together as seen below!


colour blocking runway

Just like the beautiful ladies in this London fashion show last year, you can rock contrasting colors as well. Keep these tips in mind as you start to create your new and exciting wardrobe:

  • Purples and yellows go magnificently together
  • Don’t pair green and red or red and blue or black and orange together unless you’re interested in looking like you’re celebrating a holiday
  • Pair these contrasting articles of clothing with accessories that are of a more neutral shade like black, white or grey
  • Accent the colors with your shoes and handbag – if you’re wearing a purple top and red bottoms, rock some purple shoes!

Follow this and many of our other Trend of the Day tips and you will be rocking the runway of your local university in no time.

❤ Your PFF