5 Signs You’re Dating a Guy With Style


Obviously the first thing about another person that catches your eye is how they look, especially when it comes to guys. Are they as tall as you would prefer them to be? Does their haircut suit your taste? Are they wearing light blue jeans or dark wash jeans, because you reaaally prefer dark wash. Yes, we all should be physically attracted to our partner, but aside from physical traits, there are some rather important personality traits that they need to have that will make them more attractive and stylish than any suit could ever make them.

1. He listens to you

He doesn’t just wait to talk…he really listens. He wants to hear about your long day, that dumb thing your co-worker did, how delicious your lunch was, and that weird dream you had last night. Beyond that, he also listens to your plethora of goals and ambitions, no matter how ridiculous they may be.

2. He supports you

No only does he listen to you, but he supports and encourages you. He tells you that everything is going to be okay, and that you can get through anything that you set your mind to. He is probably one of, if not your biggest, cheerleaders. From the little things, to the huge life goals, you are not afraid to tell him about each, and you know that he will be there for you every step of the way. All in all, he just wants you to be happy and he likes that he makes you that way.

3. He enjoys meeting people important to you

In all that time he spends listening to you, he has probably heard about all your friends and family and he is more than excited to meet them. He’s heard about your little tiff with your sister, you’ve tired to explain your inside jokes with your best friend to him, and he wants to be there for it all. If they mean so much to you, he wants to get to know them as well. To him, if you love them so much, they must be good people.

4. He wants to bring you around the people who are important to him

He wants all his friends and family to see how amazing you are. He has probably spent countless hours talking about you to everyone within earshot of him and he is not going to stop anytime soon. He is proud to call you his and wants to show you off. Not that you are his property, but you are his other half that makes him a better person.

5. You are totally independent, but he wants to take care of you

He encourages you to go to school, pursue your dreams, or go for that dream job, but at the end of the day he will do anything he can to take care of you. He wants you to feel like you can go to him for anything and he will be there to fix it for you. He does not feel like it’s a burden to be there for you, it is his dream to be the guy who you can always count on.

Any guy can look good in a suit, or can have a nice car, but not any guy can have these awesome traits. The guy that does have these traits, he’s the real keeper.

ooxx Ashley