Fashion According to #AdamLambert

Adam Lambert. You know him, that crazy ‘goth-looking’ teen from American Idol. Along with his heart melting voice, Adam Lambert has really blown up the fashion world in the past year. Gone is the black eye liner (at least not as much) and in are sexy, daring and boundary breaking suits, bold coats and scarves.




Let’s take this platinum suit with the double-buttoned vest for example. Adam chose a classic look that a suit brings, and added a flare with this shimmering platinum color. Not only that, the double-buttoned vest really creates a great addition, because it nicely adds character. The other great thing about this suit, is it ties so nicely into complexion and hair color, which is important when going for a bold outfit like this. Need I even mention the over-sized black coat? This look is incredible. Over-sized black coats have come back with a bang, and lets give a round of applause to the 70s for this.




Lets take this next outfit, which Adam wore to the Grammys. To start off, notice the deep V, which I really want to caution their use because they only can work on certain people, so be mindful, but it really works on Adam! Not only that, he perfectly executed the correct necklaces to accentuate the V, while allowing them to tie into the rest of the look. Let’s now look at the coat. I love a sport coat with sheen collars. What Adam did, is went for a dark outfit, but he perfectly chose two tones, the undershirt to match the sheen look of the sport coat, which I just cannot get over. The two tones of dark color really play off each other and create a super modern look with a classic twist.

Dress Rad, Be Bad

– Jared