Look Flawless on the Beach this Summer

It’s summer time. The sun is out, the men are hotter than ever and you’ve been working hard all year to get that bikini body into shape. You make a statement with your wardrobe at work, out on the town and at school, why not do the same during your tropical getaways this summer? Below are a list of absolute MUST haves this summer for your beachy wardrobes. Don’t be caught on the shores without them!

Maxi Dress:


A maxi dress can be worn by literally anyone with any body type, because it gives you that flawless figure everyone yearns for. Maxi dresses come in all colors, patterns and styles and are perfect for a bikini cover-up or just to be worn with a cute fedora and sandals to walk up and down the beach with your beau.

See-Through Cover Up:

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These little numbers are the perfect blend of sexy and modesty. These cover-ups are designed for women who don’t particularly want to be strutting up and down the beach in just a string bikini, but still want to look sexy. These also come in many different styles and colors, but I personally prefer the standard white crocheted cover-up. Ironically, the color white can make any white girl look instantly darker in complexion and lord knows I need all the help I can get.



The monokini was also created for women who wanted to be more modest on the beach than Adriana Lima, but still sexy as ever. This type of bathing suit is for women who don’t want to fully commit to a skimpy bikini, but also don’t want to be entrapped in a figureless one-piece bathing suit. Monokinis, like bikinis, have just a knotted strap in the back and the bathing suit bottoms. In the front, however, the top and bottom pieces are connected by an hourglass continuation of the top, as seen above.

Denim/White Shorts:





These are necessities for almost any season in Florida, but even more so in the sweet summer time. Pair your favorite pair of denim or white shorts with your favorite patterned bikini top to contrast the neutrality of the shorts. Show off just enough skin, while still being cute and comfortable!





Sexy Beach Bag:


Beach totes are an absolute necessity this time of year, because there’s no room for your personal items like cellphones, cameras, extra clothes and alcohol in your itsy bitsy teeny weeny! I bought my beach bag from Macy’s earlier this summer, but Victoria’s Secret also has a deal right now where you spend $65 and receive a free VS beach tote!

Beyonce Necklace:



This little piece of happiness is actually called a Body Chain. I call it the Beyonce necklace, because she was spotted wearing it while on vacay with Jay-Z and in a matter of days, anyone who was anyone was wearing one with their beach gear. It’s the perfect amount of elegance and grandeur to add to any neutral or patterned bathing suit and can also be worn with your favorite deep-V top while you’re out on the town after the beach day is over.




These are not to be worn on the actual shore itself, because I don’t want to be put in the middle of a lawsuit over broken ankles. Wedges are the perfect addition to any beachy outfit, however, when walking around the shops, restaurants or bars laced around the town. I was in Sarasota last weekend and went to St. Armand’s Circle for some shopping and happy hour deals. I was wearing a white sundress, fedora and sandals, but wedges such as those seen above would have been the perfect addition to complete the outfit!



Just like denim and white shorts, sunglasses are pretty much needed almost everyday of the year in Florida, but you definitely want to make sure you have a good collection of flirty and fun sunglasses to not only protect your eyes this summer, but to also complete any one of your beach outfits flawlessly. Sunglasses now come in many different sizes, shapes, styles and colors. My suggestion would be to find a pair that you really like and that could be paired with virtually any outfit you choose, and spend the most amount of money on that one. Then, be daring and find cheap sunglasses in cool patterns and colors.

Colorful Lipstick:


This summer, make sure you’re daring and fearless with the amount of color you use in any part of your beach wardrobe. I can’t stress this enough! The more crazy the color or pattern, the better! This rule goes for your make-up as well. Pair all of the things listed above with beautiful shades of purple, magenta, red, and orange on your lips and you’re destined to be a show stopper on the shores.


Beach Hat:


To block the harmful sun rays not only from your eyes, but from your beautiful complexion as well, invest in a cute beach hat this summer. Fedoras, ball caps, oversized straw hats, and cowboy hats are definitely in this summer and will help tie your entire look together perfectly, while also protecting you from the harmful rays.



Possibly the most important beach tip you can get from me. No outfit is complete without that beautiful face of yours to compliment it. During the summer season, most of us are in the sun a lot more than the rest of the year, so keep your complexion in mind. Apply sunscreen often, not just once, during your time in the sun. Apply a moisturizing lotion to your entire body before and after exposure to the sun. Apply a correcting moisturizer to your face before and, most importantly, after sun exposure as well. Also, drink plenty of water alongside your BBQ and beer, because the sun will definitely start to drain you and you don’t want early onset wrinkles!

❤ Your PFF